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  • Updated on : 10-20-2009 |
  • Length : 47:35 min |
  • Views : 3101
Featuring : Annie, Chance, Scott II

Scott and Chance are a couple of incredibly sexy men. They are ready and willing to follow all of Annie's requests. Annie, an exotic hottie, loves to watch the two hunks in action. Upon her request, Chance starts to suck Scott's huge cock and Annie joins him. Annie tells Scott to suck Chance's cock and balls and Scott eagerly complies. She tells Chance to pull his legs up, exposing his tight hole. Scott takes advantage of Chance's vulnerable position and rims him wildly.

Since Chance is being a good boy, Annie tells him he can taste her. She squats over him, pushing her pussy into his mouth. Chance tells her that she has a beautiful tight pussy and she moans while he licks her. Annie jumps on top of Chance and rides him hard as she sucks Scott's dick. Scott takes his turn and pounds Annie's mound while Chance fucks her mouth.

Scott switches and plunges Chance's tight cavity doggy style while Chance licks Annie's tasty treat. Chance rolls over on his back and Annie deep throats his cock while Scott pounds his ass. Chance shoots a fat load onto his stomach while Scott fucks him. Scott pulls out and shoots his creamy load on top of Chance's stomach. They all agree that they had fun and seal the deal with a three-way kiss!